I started doing a lot of research on diet and exercise after I was diagnosed with hypo thyroid-ism caused by a significant iron deficiency. This merely one year before my wedding. I had always been quite healthy and this was quite a shock. Having to take medication and suppliants at different times in the day was a real inconvenience. Especially with my fast paced on the constantly moving job as a Property Manager. I really could not wrap my head around how this happened. I went to the gym daily, I packed my lunch almost every day. I volunteered on weekends. How could this be happening to me. Little did I know God had another plan for me. It didn’t happen to me but for me. This prompted me to start doing more research on my own nutrition. I had previously just gone with low carb similar to my now husband who then was a body builder. This is how today I came to create a blog to tell others about what I had discovered and how it can help them in their own life. So take a look send me an email if you have a question. I might know the answer and if I don’t I am more than willing to help you find credible information to help you.