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I just wanted to take a minute to share why I love doTERRA essential oils and dealing with Denali Gaetz. As some of you know she is an independent consultant with doTERRA because she has passion and these products have changed her life. Well I am here to say that when I had one of my chronic sinusitis attacks I reached out to Denali to give her products a try. I cannot believe how quickly I had results and the Sinusitis was going away. Today we see far too many doctors automatically giving you a prescription for antibiotics and sending you on your merry way. Well is it a wonder why Super Bugs have now appeared more and more and the drugs don’t work? It is because we are damaging ourselves taking meds when we don’t need to do so. I am so grateful for Denali and the doTERRA line of essential oils. Thank you Denali for introducing me to this great line of products. This is my opinion only and I have not been asked to do this testimonial nor have I received any form of compensation for it. Thanks for reading.

Christopher Tessier – doTERRA user.

Why I love DoTERRA